Advisory Board

Wang Yiwei


WANG Yiwei is Professor of School of International Studies and Senior Fellow of Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies (RDCY), Director of Institute of International Affairs, Director of Center for EU Studies at Renmin University of China,. He is also Director of China-Europe Academic Network (CEAN) and senior research fellow of the Charhar Institute, Chunqiu Institute for Developmental and Strategic Studies and Contract Research Fellow of China Center for Contemporary World Studies at International Department of Communist Party of China. He was formerly distinguished Professor of Tongji University (2011-2012), diplomat at Chinese Mission to the European Union (2008-2011) and professor of Center for American Studies at Fudan University (2001-2008), Korea Foundation Distinguished Visiting Professor of Yonsei University (2005) and Fox Fellow of Yale University (2000-2001). He has published more than 200 academic articles in Social Sciences in China, The Annals of American Academy of Political and Social Science etc. 20 books including the recent The World Is Connected: Logic of The Belt and Road Initiative,; The Belt & Road Initiative: What China Will Offer the World in Its Rise (in Chinese, English, Arabic) , Haishang: Revelations of European Civilization (both in Chinese and English) and China NATO Studies Series, 600 commentaries at Project Syndicate, Europe’s World, People’s Daily etc. He attended Munich International Security Conference, Shangri-La Dialogue, Boao Asia Forum, Wilton Park conference, Stockholm China Forum, Berlin Diplomatic Forum and other forums/conferences for more than 500 times. He was interviewed by BBC, FT, CCTV and other medias for more than 1000 times.