Call for Best Practice Cases of World Internet Development 2017 to be released at the 4th World Internet Conference

In this day and age we are experiencing a revolution in information gathering and extremely fast developments of the internet. New technologies are bringing along changes to means and methods of production. These developments are changing the way that we are exploring the world. The internet has changed, and will continue to change, our lives for the better.

With the goal of showcasing the benefits of the Internet to the world, and promoting the applications and implications of information technologies, the High-Level Advisory Council of the World Internet Conference Organizing Committee is collecting “Best Practice Cases” of World Internet Development in 2017. These best practice cases will be gathered from: international enterprises, colleges & universities, international organizations, public service organizations, research institutes, technical communities, government departments, and individuals.

The final results will be announced at the Fourth World Internet Conference (WIC), to be held once again in the beautiful town of Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province on the 3rd and 4th of December 2017. The event is hosted by the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) together with the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government.

The WIC is a top-level internet conference in China. Every year over 1,600 Chinese and international policy makers, industry leaders, and multilateral organizations meet in the conference and share their thoughts and ideas on a better global cyberspace.

WIC will hold its first competition for Best Practice Cases of World Internet Development this year. If you would like to take the opportunity to compete and show your achievements to the world, please follow the instructions below and maybe you could be one of the winners this year!

I. Theme of Best Practice Cases

Changes and Benefits Brought by the Internet to Mankind

II. Scope

1. Internet Development and Deployment

2. Cultural Diversity in Cyberspace

3. Fruits of Internet Development

4. Peace and Security in Cyberspace

5. International Cyberspace Governance

III. Requirements

1. The cases should focus on the theme, reflecting the improvement and convenience brought to human society and life, and showcasing inclusive benefits.

2. The cases should be practically replicable with a certain degree of innovation.

3. Time to achieve actual results or time of completion of the cases should not be earlier than November 2016. Considering that it is the first year to conduct collection, the time period when the cases was launched, deployed or applied could be no earlier than July 2015.

4. Each unit or individual can submit no more than two cases.

IV. Procedures

1. Applicant should submit the application to the “Best Practice Cases of World Internet Development 2017” working group of the High-level Advisory Council of the World Internet Conference Organizing Committee.

2. After initial selection, the Working Group will notify the shortlisted candidates to submit supplementary materials.

3. The Working Group will determine the final list of cases.

4. The final results will be announced at the Fourth World Internet Conference.

V. Submission

Please fill in the application form for the Best Practice Cases of World Internet Development 2017 and submit your form to before 27 September 2017.