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ChinaEU to bring ‘The Value Chain of 5G’ to Global Innovator Conference in collaboration with YIntelligence 中欧数字协会与Y-Intelligence联手带你在全球创新者大会上了 解5G价值链

ChinaEU is honored to support Y-Intelligence, China-based community of lobal entrepreneurs, in the unfolding of the Global Innovator Conference (GIC) in the very capital of China’s innovation powerhouse – Shenzhen – on 8-9 September 2017. 中欧数字协会很荣幸地支持我们的伙伴机构Y-Intelligence,这一在中国发起、面向全球的企业家社群,在2017年9月8日至9日在中国创新之城深圳举办全球创新者大会(GIC)。 In... [Read more...]

How digital tools can boost EU-China tourism – a discussion with the CEO of Ctrip at the European Parliament in preparation of 2018 EU-China Tourism Year. 数字工具如何推动中欧旅游发展-与携程CEO在欧洲议会为筹备2018中欧旅游年展开讨论

At the occasion of the 19th EU-China Bilateral Summit, ChinaEU organized a seminar with key members of the European Parliament in preparation of the EU-China Tourism Year that will be held in 2018. Guest speakers were Jane Jie Sun, CEO of China’s leading online travel agent Ctrip, and Matthew... [Read more...]