Join ChinaEU at BEYOND Virtual from 9 November to 4 December 11月9日-12月4日与中欧数字协会一起参加 BEYOND线上大会

Discover the Future of (Coffee) Retail with Rheavendors, OrionStar, Migu Café and a Special Guest
与 Rhea锐玡集团、猎户星空、咪咕咖啡以及一位特别来宾共同发现未来(咖啡)零售

As a Global Partner of BEYOND International Technology Innovation Expo, ChinaEU is proud to announce that our virtual panel themed The Future of Retail will be broadcast today, 10 November, 2021 at 15:00-16:00 (Beijing time), 8:00-9:00 (Brussels time) on BEYOND Virtual.

作为BEYOND 国际科技创新博览会全球合作伙伴,中欧数字协会十分荣幸地宣布由我们主持的未来零售圆桌论坛将于北京时间2021年11月10日15:00-16:00(布鲁塞尔时间2021年11月10日8:00-9:00)BEYOND线上大会上播出。

BEYOND Virtual is launched in a bid to accommodate the international audience abroad who are unable to participate in person at the BEYOND Expo in Macao on 2-4 December. BEYOND Virtual takes place from 9 November to 4 December, 2021 on the official BEYOND Expo website and app.


ChinaEU’s panel will focus on the Future of Retail, applied to the coffee business. We will talk about existing and future use cases, including coffee robots, 5G cafes, automated coffee corners and smart delivery solutions. These are all aimed at increasing convenience for the customer, while empowering baristas and nutritionists to focus on what they do best: create new recipes, educate customers on the drinks served, deliver the best human-friendly customer experience and meet some important overlooked societal demands. 

中欧数字协会主持的这一线上论坛将聚焦咖啡领域的未来零售业态,探讨现下和未来的用例,包括咖啡机器人、5G 咖啡馆、无人咖啡站以及智能配送等。它们不仅为顾客提供了更多便利,也让咖啡师和营养师能够专注于他们最擅长的领域:研发新品、提升顾客对饮品的认知,以及确保最佳的人性化客户体验、满足被忽视的重要社会需求。

You will be hearing this from an exciting line-up of speakers:

• Andrea Pozzolini, President & CEO of Italian-headquartered Rheavendors Group, one of the largest manufacturers of customized vending machines in the world;
• Fu Sheng, Chairman & CEO of world-leading AI industrial internet player Cheetah Mobile, and Founder of OrionStar, a robotics company that creates AI-enabled service robots;
• Wei Xiaodong, General Manager of Migu Café, a coffee brand of Migu, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Mobile;
• and a very Special Guest from one of the most popular coffee chains in Shanghai.


• 意大利Rhea锐玡集团CEO Andrea Pozzolini,Rhea锐玡集团是世界上最大的定制化自动售货机生产商之一;
• 全球领先的AI产业互联网公司猎豹移动的董事长兼CEO傅盛,傅先生同时是猎豹移动旗下人工智能服务机器人公司猎户星空的创始人;
• 咪咕咖啡总经理魏小东,咪咕咖啡是中国移动全资子公司咪咕旗下咖啡品牌。
• 最后我们还有一位神秘大咖,来自上海最炙手可热的咖啡连锁店。

To view the Full Program and get your Free Virtual Pass, you can visit this registration page.


No time to tune in live? No worries! The panel is available also on demand until 4 December. Should you encounter any difficulties, you can always write to us.




BEYOND Expo is an event curated by Macao Technology General Association and China tech media TechNode, supported by the Trade Development Bureau of Ministry of Commerce, China Centre for International Science and Technology Exchange, and Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute, with an expected audience of 20,000 attendees, made up of tech professionals such as corporates, entrepreneurs, investors, government representatives and scholars from around the world.


Under the theme “Technology x Impact“, BEYOND aims to explore the next disruptive tech innovations that are critical for the future and how they impact different industries to solve global challenges.

BEYOND以“技术 x 影响”为主题,旨在探索对未来至关重要的下一个颠覆性技术创新,以及科技如何影响不同行业,应对全球挑战。

View more information about BEYOND on its official website.


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