Li Shilin: Reinforce International Cooperation to Enhance China’s Right to Speak in the International Arena


As the first China’s public foundation with International scope focused on Internet, China Internet Development Foundation (CIDF) is open and globally oriented, aimed at pushing China to go global. Therefore, the Foundation will play an integral role in the International dialogue on Internet issues.


As the old Chinese saying goes, “food and fodder should go before troops and horses” (read: proper preparations should be made in advance). During the Foundation’s preparation stage, as first Vice President of the Foundation, I was fortunate to accompany Lu Wei, Director of the Cyberspace Administration of China, in his visit to Europe.


On July 3, in Berlin, we signed a “letter of intent on Internet industry cooperation” with BITKOM. Contents include the following: 1. Establish a partnership to deepen the important Sino-German cooperation on Internet; 2. Encourage businesses to invest or intensify cooperation in the other country for the sake of mutual benefit and common development; 3. Create joint cooperation mechanisms combining China’s Internet Plus strategy with Germany’s Industry 4.0.


On July 6, in Brussels, CIDF signed a “letter of intent on digital cooperation” with ChinaEU Association for Digital (ChinaEU). The agreement involves the following initiatives: 1. an industry working group in relation to the Juncker plan and China’s One Belt, One Road; 2. a bilingual database on innovative solutions for smart cities; 3. a China-EU Internet Forum; 4. a joint committee on high tech startups; 5. a China-EU Center for Research on Internet Policies and Strategies.


On July 13, Luigi Gambardella, President of ChinaEU, visited Beijing together with two other delegates. CIDF and ChinaEU met to discuss the implementation of the letter of intent, to deepen the details of the cooperation and to define the main work for this year: the two sides will set up mutual representative offices, will jointly organize digital summits and will establish a bilingual digital database. In addition, the two sides together visited the CITIC Guo’an Grand Epoch City, in Langfang County, Hebei Province, jointly expressing the commitment to turn the place into the first globally-oriented Chinese Internet City, as well as to make it the permanent venue for the co-hosted International “Internet-Plus Expos”, with an eye to promoting the development of Internet and supporting China to become a leader in the fields of high-tech, telecommunications, standards, vision and future development. Subsequently, to ensure that the future cooperation provides effective support and services to the digital businesses, CIDF and ChinaEU visited Baidu, Dr Peng Telecom & Media Group, Xiaomi, Qihoo 360 and Cheetah Mobile, to gain a first-hand understanding of their European market strategy and collect precious feedback on what kind of support and services they would like to obtain from the China-EU digital investment platform.

中国互联网发展基金会在社会各界的支持下努力搭建国际互联网交流平台,帮助更多的中国数字企业走出去,吸引国际数字企业来到中国。同时,在构建和平、安全、开放、合作的网络空间方面,为建立多边、民主、透明的国际互联网话语体系,增强中国国际话语权,尽一份绵薄之力。(中国互联网发展基金会副理事长 李士林)

With the support of the society, CIDF works on building an International platform for dialogue on Internet issues, so as to support Chinese digital companies to go global, while attracting International businesses to China. At the same time, CIDF is committed to building a peaceful, safe, open and cooperative cyberspace, so as to establish a multilateral, democratic and transparent Internet system, strengthen China’s modest contribution and right of speak in the international arena. (by Li Shilin, Vice-President of CIDF)

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