A glimpse of ChinaEU at successful 1st EU Cross Border E-Commerce Forum 中欧数字协会参加圆满成功的首届欧盟跨境电商峰会一览

The first-ever EU Cross Border E-Commerce Forum (EUCBEC) held at Belgium’s Liege Airport on December 11 and 12, 2019, turned out to be a giant success. The two-day event, organized by theWallonia Export-Investment Agency AWEX and the first Chinese media specialized on cross-border e-commerce Cifnews while supported by ChinaEU amongst others, had seen some 40 speakers and 400 more visitors from China and Europe enjoying best practices and jointly exploring future of the China-Europe cross-border e-commerce. 


The forum surprised spectators with its rich programs including keynote speeches from business leaders and policymakers, and colorful panel sessions gathering tech giants, front runners, and crucial players in e-commerce. In the meantime, 2 live streaming sessions brought the audience the perfect experience of China’s latest trendy business model while exhibitions and networking sessions allowed companies to show off their best practices as well as identify business opportunities.


Chinese tech behemoth Alibaba’s presentation on its eWTP (Electronic World Trade Platform) and the European strategy of Cainiao, Alibaba’s logistics arm, were among the highlights at the Forum. Alibaba’s eWTP and Liege airport captivated global attention when Alibaba and Belgium signed a deal to build a 220,000-square-meter smart-logistics hub at the airport in late 2018. The hub, with an initial investment of 75 million euros, is currently under construction and set to operate in early 2021.


ChinaEU, after facilitating the organization of the forum, hosted a panel discussion themed with “SUCCESS STORIES IN CROSS-BORDER E-COMMERCE: A kaleidoscope of experiences from cross-border players” on December 11. Claudia Vernotti, Director of ChinaEU, was invited to chair the talks with three panelists, namely Giulio Finzi, Co-Founder and Secretary-General of the Italian e-commerce consortium NetcommAllen Yao, Founder and CEO Of D1M, a leading eCommerce service provider for brand-owners in China, and Jessica Radicchi, International Key Account Manager on E-Commerce at the global watchmaking giant Timex Group. The panelists shared their success stories and experience and presented a vivid picture of how Chinese and European companies sailed the ocean of cross-border e-commerce.

中欧数字协会此前参与峰会筹备工作。12月11日,中欧数字协会还主持了分论坛 “跨境电商成功案例:跨境参与者经验万花筒”。中欧数字协会主任韦茉莉受邀主持与三位嘉宾会谈,他们分别是意大利电子商务协会(Netcomm联合创始人兼秘书长Giulio Finzi;中国领先电子商务服务提供商第一秒电商科技(D1M创始人兼首席执行官姚玥和全球制表巨头天美时(Timex)集团电子商务国际大客户经理Jessica Radicchi。三位嘉宾分享了其成功经验,并为听众生动描绘中国和欧洲公司如何在跨国电子商务浪潮中乘风破浪。

Netcomm has driven rapid growth since 2005 and Mr. Giulio Finzi gave examples of the company’s collective projects linking Italian brands to the Chinese market.

自2005年以来,意大利电子商务协会发展迅猛,Giulio Finzi先生列举了把意大利品牌与中国市场打通联系起来的例子。

Mr. Allen Yao commented on the status and landscape of cross-border e-commerce in China and demonstrated channels, including social media, Alibaba’s Tmall Global, Taobao channels and so on, that European brands should consider in their China e-commerce strategy plans.


Ms. Jessica Radicchi shared Timex’s e-commerce strategy in China and takeaways from the multinational’s cross-border e-commerce journey.

Jessica Radicch女士分享了天美时集团的中国电子商务策略及其跨境电子商务之旅的收获。

Ms. Claudia Vernotti briefed the audience on the outlook of the cross-border e-commerce for China-Europe bilateral ties. She stressed that e-commerce has a solid footing and bright future in China with the swelling Chinese middle class among the biggest buyers of European luxuries, food and wines, and other high-quality products.


By June 2019, China’s online users hit 854 million and its digital buyers are set to reach 634 million in 2020, which poses a giant opportunity for Europe concerning cross-border e-commerce, Claudia Vernotti noted. In the meantime, she also announced the first China-Europe Digital Commerce Summit organized by Netcomm and ChinaEU to take place on May 7, 2020, in Milan, Italy, welcoming speakers, exhibitors,and participants. 


After the conclusion of the first EUCBEC, the second version of the forum was announced to be held in October 2020.


Click here to look at the entire photo album of the first EUCBEC.


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