ChinaEU holds exclusive event on digital, sustainable tourism as Italy-China Year of Culture and Tourism kicks off 中意文化和旅游年开幕,中欧数字协会举办高级别活动讨论数字旅游和可持续旅游

The Italy-China Year of Culture and Tourism has just kicked off! On the sidelines of the opening ceremony on January 21, ChinaEU held an exclusive event in Rome with Lorenza Bonaccorsi, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (MIBACT), Trip.com CEO Sun Jie, Italian National Tourism Board (ENIT) President Giorgio Palmucci as well as other key representatives to collect suggestions on Italian and Chinese digital and sustainable tourism.

中意文化和旅游年开始啦! 1月21日开幕式期间,中欧数字协会在罗马举行高级别活动,由意大利文化遗产、活动和旅游部副部长洛伦扎·博纳科西(Lorenza Bonaccorsi)携程集团首席执行官孙洁意大利国家旅游局(ENIT)主席乔治·帕尔穆奇(Giorgio Palmucci)及其他行业主要代表出席,就推动意大利和中国数字旅游和可持续旅游交换意见。

Photo: Ms. Lorenza Bonaccorsi, Undersecretary at the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Tourismleftand Ms. Sun Jie, CEO of Trip.comright


The event was aimed at calling for actions and ideas to implement the Italy-China Year of Culture and Tourism with guests from key players in China and Italy’s tech and tourism sectors, including Mr. Dai Bin, president of the China Tourism Academy, and delegates of Chinese tech giants Tencent/Wechat, Meituan Dianping as well as China’s top airlines Hainan Airlines and Southern Airlines. Among the distinguished guests were also representatives from Italian accommodation industry association Federalberghi, Italian tourism federation Federturismo, Italian high-end brands foundation Altagamma, SEA Milan airports and the Chamber of Commerce of Milan Monza Brianza Lodi.

该活动旨在为中意文化和旅游年集思广益,嘉宾们来自中意两国科技和旅游业翘楚,比如中国旅游学院院长戴斌,以及来自中国科技巨头腾讯/微信美团点评,及中国顶尖航空公司海南航空南方航空的代表们。出席贵宾还来自意大利酒店业协会Federalberghi,意大利旅游业联合会Federturismo、意大利奢侈品行业协会AltagammaSEA米兰机场米兰Monza Brianza Lodi商会等。

Other key participants were from Italian food and travel digital marketing agency Valica, Italian startup for tax-free service Stamp, Italian multi-modal travel platform Nugo, Swiss travel tech group Lastminute.com, high Italian cuisine Group Gualtiero Marchesi,Italian online media on digital economy Key4Biz,  as well as the regional promotion agencies of Tuscany and Liguria.

其他重要嘉宾来自意大利美食旅游数字营销机构Valica,意大利免税服务初创公司Stamp,意大利多模式旅行平台Nugo,瑞士旅游科技公司Lastminute.com,高端意大利美食集团Gualtiero Marchesi Group,意大利数字经济在线媒体Key4Biz以及意大利托斯卡纳地区和利古里亚地区的推广机构等

Digitalization is redefining and revolutionizing tourism like nothing else, with tech innovations such as 5G, AI, big data, social commerce, mobile payments, VR, etc. setting to make smart, sustainable tourism a reality. Digital tools are today key in the whole customer experience of a tourist, from the online search of the target destination to the booking of the trip and the sharing of the travel experience through social media. As such, the very same tools are crucial to divert tourist flows from the over-crowded sites towards less discovered, but not for this less charming destinations. This is a major goal of the Italian Tourism Ministry, as pointed out by Undersecretary Bonaccorsi during the event.


Italy is seeing Chinese tourists, which make for the world’s largest outbound tourism source market and the biggest overseas spender, in droves in recent years, benefiting Italy’s pillar tourism industry, which accounts for 13% of national GDP and employs 4.2 million people. The provisional trend of airport arrivals from China in the first 11 months of 2019 grew by 16%on an annual basis, according to a report issued by the Italian Tourism Observatory during opening celebrations of the Italy-China Year of Culture and Tourism. The trend is supposed to grow exponentially, following a major agreement reached on 14th January in Beijing between the two countries’ national agencies for civil aviation, which will turn Italy as the European country with the most frequent direct flights to China, with as many as 164 connections by 2021.


“Italy is such a unique destination, and we’re excited to be building upon our strong partnerships here to offer better services to our customers, and to help Italy’s less-travelled but equally noteworthy destinations to share their charm with the world,” said Trip.com Group CEO Jane Sun. “We look forward to working more closely together with Italy to deliver the perfect travel experience to our customers.”



Among the suggestions presented to further promote smart and sustainable tourism ties between the two major tourist markets- each home to over 50 UNESCO world heritage sites- ChinaEU raised the following recommendations:


– promote the business opportunities linked to tourism innovation along the whole value chain, including the Made in Italy exports to China, by defining Chinese tourism in Italy as a lead generation engine for the Italian brands and retails, the first touchpoint to be discovered and get to know new potential customers with whom to continue the remote relationship through online commerce in China. To this end, ChinaEU is joining hands with the Italian e-commerce consortium Netcomm, the European-level e-commerce association Ecommerce Europe, the Milan Chamber of Commerce and Promos Italia to host an event entitled China-Europe Digital Commerce Summit- which will center on this concept and involve many of the guests present in today’s event.

-发掘价值链上与旅游创新相关商业机会,包括通过将中国游客赴意旅游定义为意大利品牌和零售业发展引擎,促进“意大利制造”对中国出口,这是有待挖掘的第一点,同时也可借此发掘新潜在客户并通过线上商务远程维持。对此,中欧数字协会正和意大利电商联盟Netcomm、欧洲电商协会Ecommerce Europe,米兰商会和推广意大利Promos Italia举办“中欧数字商务峰会”,届时将聚焦这一概念,也涉及诸多今日参会嘉宾。

– arrange seminars and training across Italy to educate the local tourism operators about the Chinese outbound travellers’ habits and the technical integration of their content on Chinese tech platforms, including Trip.com, WeChat, Meituan, etc. also by talking about the success cases of cooperation with such parties;


– facilitate field trips for institutions and tourism providers to the HQs of the most important Chinese travel players, leveraging the moments of the official calendar of travel fairs, including the International Luxury Travel Market(ILTM) in Shanghai, the Global Tourism Economy Forum in Macao and the Salone del Mobile in Shanghai;


-advocate bilateral tourism flows by promoting Chinese destinations to Italian tourists and facilitate the travel experience of Italian tourists in China, calling businesses to support the Italian and Chinese tourist ministries in these efforts.


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