ChinaEU supports promotion event on EU romantic and health SPA tourism in Chengdu, China 中欧数字协会协助将在成都举办的欧中浪漫健康温泉旅游推广活动

ChinaEU is supporting the flagship event “European SPAs in CHINA – Culture and Health IN Aqua”, slated to take place in Southwest Chinese city of Chengdu on November 30, in a bid to boost EU romantic and health SPA culture towards Chinese outbound tourists.


Europe stays the second-most popular destination for Chinese tourists and has embraced a growing number of visitors from the Middle Kingdom with a total Chinese tourist volume to Europe estimated to be over 5 million visits in 2017, according to the China Tourism Academy.


In the meantime, the nature of Chinese outbound tourism is transforming form sightseeing and shopping to slowing down and enjoy holiday experience. While highly valuing clear air and untouched environment, Chinese tourist registers explosive growth in health and medical tourism. Ctrip estimated that more than 500,000 Chinese tourists travelled overseas for medical treatments in 2016.


Besides, digital sector becomes one of driving forces of the growth of Chinese outbound tourism. According to a recently released survey by McKinsey, Chinese travelers are in fact more inclined to use digital channels to get information and book trips, with platforms such as Alipay and WeChat Pay becoming the norm especially among younger travelers.


As the ancient thermal SPAs, dating back to the Celts and the Romans, need to be fully explored by Chinese visitors, the European SPAs Association (ESPA) holds the event to promote the European two-thousand-year-old SPA tradition in China. The medical treatments of European SPAs, or hot springs, have been widely recognized and officially approved and recommended by the World Health Organization.


Held with the support of the EU-China Tourism Year and in cooperation with OBOR Committee (Europe China OBOR Culture & Tourism Development Committee), HiSeas International and ChinaEU, the seminar, themed “Why should Chinese travelers go to European SPAs?” is scheduled on November 30, alongside the Chengdu International Tourism Expo (CITE).


Moderated by ChinaEU Director Claudia Vernotti, the event will be attended by heavyweights of the European SPA industry, including Csilla Mezosi, Secretary General of ESPA, and its partners Anne Gonneau from Vichy SPA International (France), Giulia Polettini, from Terme di Sirmione (Italy) , Martin Plachy from the Royal Spas (Czech Republic) and Viktor Vereb from OBOR Committee, who will provide insights on the cultural heritage and the medical effects of European SPA travel destinations.

研讨会将由中欧数字协会主任韦茉莉主持并将由欧洲温泉行业重量级人物参加。其中包括欧洲温泉协会秘书长Csilla Mezosi及伙伴法国薇姿温泉国际代表Anne Gonneau、意大利西尔米奥奈温泉代表Giulia Polettini、捷克皇家温泉代表Martin Plachy以及欧中一带一路文化旅游发展委员会中国代表Viktor Vereb等,在研讨会上提供欧洲温泉旅行目的地文化遗产和医疗效果等专业信息。

ChinaEU is an active player in the “European SPAs in CHINA – Culture and Health IN Aqua” and has been supporting the event organization and promotion, seeking to enhance bilateral digital businesses’ ties, as well as people-to-people exchanges in EU-China digital tourism.


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