ChinaEU to bring ‘The Value Chain of 5G’ to Global Innovator Conference in collaboration with YIntelligence 中欧数字协会与Y-Intelligence联手带你在全球创新者大会上了 解5G价值链

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ChinaEU is honored to support Y-Intelligence, China-based community of lobal entrepreneurs, in the unfolding of the Global Innovator Conference (GIC) in the very capital of China’s innovation powerhouse – Shenzhen – on 8-9 September 2017.


In only three years since its debut, GIC has become one of the world’s topnotch innovation fora for global innovators to exchange ideas in areas as varied as science, technology, business, health, nature, culture and education.


Initiated by Y-Intelligence, GIC is co-hosted by CCPIT, CCOIC and APEC China Business Council (ACBC), and has concluded an exclusive strategic partnership with Baidu.

全球创新者大会由Y-Intelligence 发起, 由中国国际贸易促进委员会(CCPIT),中国国际商会(CCOIC)和亚太经合组织中国商业理事会(ACBC)共同主办。百度为其独家战略合作平台。

Under the theme ‘Smart Earth’, over a hundred of speakers from all over the world will devise novel ideas to sustain and nurture the development of our planet in the future, borrowing ideas from precision medicine, smart industry, robotics and artificial intelligence, physics and astronomy, clean energy, urban transportation, big data and sci-tech.


As supporting partner of GIC, ChinaEU will bring the revolution of 5G into the picture, chairing the panel ‘The Value Chain of 5G’, to take place at 10:05-11:00 on Friday, 8th September, and attended by:

Francesco Profumo, Professor of Electrical Machines and Drives at Politecnico di Torino, Chairman of INWIT Company, President of Bruno Kessler Foundation, Former Italian Minister of Education, University and Research;
I Chih-Lin, Chief Scientist, Wireless Technologies at China Mobile;
Wang Jiayi, Managing Director of 5G RAN Solutions at ZTE;
Seppo Hamalainen, Head of E2E 5G China at Nokia;
Luigi Gambardella, President of ChinaEU (moderator).


Francesco Profumo, 意大利都灵理工大学电子机械与驱动系教授,INWIT公司主席,Bruno Kessler基金会主席,前意大利教育、大学与研究部部长;
易芝玲(I Chih-Lin),中国移动研究院首席科学家;
韩熙博(Seppo Hamalainen), 诺基亚中国5G项目总监;
鲁乙己(Luigi Gambardella),中欧数字协会主席(主持人)。

The discussion will reflect on the impact of 5G technology on key areas of its value chain including digital infrastructure, transportation, manufacturing industry innovation, modern logistics, etc., as well as on the crucial role of the vertical industries in the further development of 5G.


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