ChinaEU to promote Wechat for European companies. Tourism will be a key priority. 中欧数字协会将向欧洲公司推广微信业务,并将旅游业作为其优先发展领域。

ChinaEU has concluded an agreement with the key European partner of Wechat in order to promote the presence of European companies on the main Chinese social media.


The agreement is important for ChinaEU also because of its commitment to the EU-China Tourism Year 2018. Supported by the European Union, EU-China Tourism Year will devote an unprecedented level of attention to the growing importance of China as an origin market for tourism and to catering for the needs of Chinese visitors within the European tourism sector, with the aim of increasing the flow of visitors from China to the EU. Today, China comes third in terms of international visitors to European destinations, after the USA and Russia. President Xi Jinping announced in Davos that Chinese would be making 700 million overseas visits in the coming five years. Chinese tourists are among the biggest spenders in the world, making up to 40% of global luxury sales, of which 80% are made overseas. Recent reports show that 53% of Chinese tourists travelling abroad use mobile apps to book their trips online. The Chinese tourists spend 8 hours per week on average on social networks and they like to share their experience during and after the trip on the social network. Used by virtually every single smartphone user in China, Wechat creates a channel for the world’s tourism businesses to attain Chinese customers without necessarily having a physical presence in the country. ChinaEU wishes to promote Wechat as an easy tool for European businesses to attract Chinese visitors and to enhance their brands’ influence in the Chinese market.

此项协议对中欧数字协会参与2018欧盟 – 中国旅游年也尤为重要。由欧盟支持的欧盟 – 中国旅游年将对中国作为旅游大国日益增加的重要性以及迎合赴欧旅行的中国游客的需要给予前所未有的关注,旨在增加中国游客赴欧旅游的数量。如今,中国已成为将欧洲作为旅行目的地的国际游客第三大输出国,位列美国和俄罗斯之后。中国国家主席习近平在达沃斯论坛上表示,预计未来五年内中国出境旅游将达到7亿人次。中国游客已成为全球旅行消费额最高的人群之一,其对奢侈品的消费占全球奢侈品销售的40%,其中的80%为海外消费。近期报告显示,53%的中国出境游游客使用手机应用网上预定旅游行程。中国游客平均每周花费8小时的时间在社交网络上,他们尤其喜好在旅行期间及旅行结束后在社交网络上分享他们的经验。微信,作为几乎每个中国智能手机用户人手必备的手机应用,为全球的旅游企业创建了在中国无实体店的情况下获得中国客户的渠道。中欧数字协会希望向欧洲企业推广简单易行的微信,帮助他们吸引中国游客并提高其品牌在中国市场的影响力。

On 9th and 10th of May, 2017, ChinaEU will participate in the World Bridge Tourism conference in Shanghai, the warm-up event of EU-China Tourism Year 2018. ChinaEU is available to advise tourism-related EU companies, including airline companies, hotel chains, European member states tourism authorities and national tourism offices, who wish to expand their presence in the Chinese market. ChinaEU is of the opinion that Wechat is one of the most important channels for European companies to tap into the Chinese market, to gain further understanding of the Chinese customers and to communicate with them even before their travel.

2017年5月9日至10日,中欧数字协会将参加在上海举办的世界旅游推介会,这次活动也是2018欧盟 – 中国旅游年的预热活动。中欧数字协会将借此机会向寻求中国业务拓展的欧洲旅游公司提供咨询,包括航空公司,连锁酒店,欧盟各国旅游局及旅游办公室等。中欧数字协会认为,微信是欧洲公司进入中国市场的最重要的渠道之一。微信将帮助欧洲企业进一步了解中国客户,在中国游客出行前即与他们取得沟通。

Are you planning to expand your business in China but wondering how to get more exposure and better results? Do you have more questions about Wechat marketing? Please do not hesitate to contact us at president@chinaeu.eu.

您正打算扩展在中国的业务但不知如何获得更多的曝光和更好的效果? 您对Wechat营销有更多的疑问?请致信president@chinaeu.eu

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