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ChinaEU joins launch of CGTN Think Tank in Beijing, attends 3nd CGTN Global Media Summit themed “Media VS Technology” 中欧数字协会参加在京举行的CGTN智库启动仪式及主题为“媒体VS技术”的CGTN第三届全球媒体峰会

ChinaEU joined the launch ceremony of the China Global Television Network (CGTN) Think Tank, which was held during the third flagship CGTN Global Media Summit focusing on changing media landscape and its links with new technologies such as 5G, blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence on December 4 in Beijing. 12月4日,中欧数字协会在北京参加了第三届CGTN全球媒体峰会,并出席了峰会上举行的CGTN智库启动仪式。此次峰会聚焦媒体格局发展与新技术如5G、区块链和人工智能之间的关系。 CGTN...
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ChinaEU present at 2019 World “Internet Plus” & Digital Economy Innovation Summit in Xi’an 中欧数字协会出席西安2019全球“互联网+”数字经济创新论坛

ChinaEU President Luigi Gambardella delivered a keynote speech at the 2019 World “Internet Plus”& Digital Economy Innovation Summit held on Oct. 24 in China’s northwestern city Xi’an, urging closer cooperation between China and Europe in the era of digitalization. 10月24日,中欧数字协会主席鲁乙己在中国西安举行的2019全球“互联网+”数字经济创新论坛上发表主旨演讲,呼吁中欧在数字化时代加强合作。 The Summit, a sub-event of the 3rd Global Programmers’ Festival,...
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