Shenzhen TV interviews with Luigi Gambardella on China’s Two Session Meeting

中欧数字协会主席:未来的硅谷在中国 期待中欧合作 ChinaEU President: Future Silicon Valley is in China, Looking forward to China-EU cooperation

央视网消息:中欧数字协会主席鲁乙己近日在接受央视记者采访时也表示,中国将成为5G时代的全球领跑者,中欧之间应该加大相关领域的合作,而中国两会将为推进这种合作提供政策导向。 CCTV interviewed recently Luigi Gambardella,... [Read more...]

WeChat lands in Europe 微信登陆欧洲

Imagine , selling globally your complete stock of consumer goods in only 18 hours and closing the day with total revenues of 640,000 EURO. Imagine that you could achieve this while comfortably sitting in the headquarters of your company, with no physical store in any of the targeted market. 想象一下,你的所有库存在18小时内销售一空,购买者遍布全球,最终收益高达640,000欧元。再想像一下,当上述这一切发生时,你本人正舒服地坐在公司总部办公室里,完全不需要移步至任何一个目标市场的实体店。 In... [Read more...]

Smart cities and Internet security: next business opportunities for China and EU 智慧城市和网络安全:中欧下一个合作商机

On 29th November, ChinaEU and the China Information Technology Industry Federation (CITIF) co-hosted the first China-EU ICT Seminar in Cannes, France, in the margin of TRUSTECH, the annual fair dedicated to payment, identification, security and other trust-based technologies. 11月29日,中欧数字协会和中国电子信息行业联合会在法国戛纳TrustTech展会期间共同举办了第一届中欧信息通信技术研讨会。TrustTech是专门针对支付、识别、安全等以信任为基础科技的年度展会。 ChinaEU... [Read more...]

Law enforcement adaptation needed to manage competition in the digital era 执法应加快改革步伐以应对数字时代竞争

Rapid Internet Development and technology advances take turns to surprise people’s imagination while at the same time, challenging the current order, both socially and economically. 互联网的飞速发展和科技进步轮番给人类的想象力带来惊喜,也不断挑战着社会和经济秩序。 The... [Read more...]