ChinaEU, BTEC sign MoU to enhance technology cooperation 中欧数字协会和北京技术交易促进中心签署合作谅解备忘录加强技术合作

ChinaEU and Beijing Technology Exchange and Promotion Centre (BTEC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Beijing, agreeing to establish mutual understanding of collaboration and  identify anticipated fields of cooperation on technology.



From left to right: Director of CITTC, Director of BTEC Huang Ping, President of ChinaEU Luigi Gambardella and Deputy Director of CITTC Zhang Zehao

As agreed, ChinaEU and BTEC will seek joint efforts in fields of technology exchange, technology commercialization consulting, international cooperation, incubation and business development, education and training and other areas of mutual interest.


“I am glad we signed the MoU, it is part of our efforts to promote digital exchanges and dialogues between Europe and China. ChinaEU is ready to work with BTEC to deliver our commitments and make contribution to boost bilateral cooperation on technology,” said Luigi Gambardella, president of ChinaEU.

中欧数字协会主席鲁乙己说,“很高兴我们签署了合作谅解备忘录,这是我们努力促进欧洲和中国数字交流的成果之一。 中欧数字协会愿与北京技术交易促进中心一起,践行承诺,继续为促进欧中技术合作做贡献,“

Mr. Luigi Gambardella and Mr. Zhang Zehao signed the MoU
BTEC, an agency of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, stands as a leading platform of knowledge exchange and innovation collaboration. BTEC has developed programs that support innovation and business partnerships amongst domestic and foreign players.
BTEC also operates the China International Technology Transfer Center (CITTC), which is supported by the China Ministry of Science and Technology, Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, and Haidian District Government.

ChinaEU joins Silk Road Association Alliance 中欧数字协会加入丝绸之路区域组织联盟

ChinaEU has officially joined an international alliance of commercial associations of Silk Road countries and is committed to further promote digital ties between Europe and China, the President of ChinaEU Luigi Gambardella announced. 中欧数字协会主席鲁乙己表示,中欧数字协会已正式加入一个丝绸之路国家商业协会联盟并致力于继续促进中欧间数字合作。  ... [Read more...]

“Europe and China should cooperate to boost free and open source software” ChinaEU at the 22nd China International Software Expo 欧中应携手共促免费和开源软件”——中欧数字协会参加第二十二届中国国际软件博览会

Luigi Gambardella, president of ChinaEU, was invited to speak at the 22nd China International Software Expo, which took place between June 29 and July 2 in Beijing at the presence of China’s Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei and Mayor of Beijing Chen Jining. 中欧数字协会主席鲁乙己受邀于第二十二届中国国际软件博览会发表演讲。该博览会于6月29日至7月2日在北京举行,工业和信息化部部长苗圩及北京市长陈吉宁出席。 Mr.... [Read more...]

Real adoption of blockchain technology expected in 3 years: NEO founder tells ChinaEU “区块链技术有望在3年左右时间应用到实际” —— 中欧数字协会独家对话NEO创始人达鸿飞

As many believe blockchain would bring next breakthrough to business as the internet did, Da Hongfei, founder of NEO, one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalisation, foresaw real adoption of this technology in about 3 years, he told Claudia Vernotti, Director of ChinaEU,... [Read more...]