AI and Blockchain: a bright future for EU-China cooperation

Digital Day 2018: ChinaEU, Europe must cooperate more with China in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies.


Commissioner Mariya Gabriel delivering a keynote speech on “Masters of Digital 2018” at the Digital Day 2018

“It is very positive that the EU starts investing in artificial intelligence and other services such as block-chain technologies, but it is important that this strategy includes greater cooperation with China. ” It is the message of Luigi Gambardella, President of ChinaEU, on the sidelines of Digital Day 2018 where the EU Commission has announced a series of new digital initiatives, from e-health to 5G ‘highways’.

Just few days ago, China has announced a fund with  one-billion euros to invest in block-chain technology research, far from initiatives with much fewer  funds moving across Europe. And this is only one of numerous initiatives launched by Beijing on digital in recent months, with important progress also achieved for example in the e-health sector. Not to mention the potential impact of a Chinese market of over one billion people.


Vice-President Andrus Ansip addressing the opening of the Digital Day 2018

Hence the warning from the president of ChinaEU: “if we want to be more effective we need an EU cooperation strategy with China and the Chinese industry. Companies from both regions could benefit from it”.

European Commission involves Chinese companies in its crusade against illegal content 欧盟委员会邀请中国公司参与打击网络非法内容

The internet is global.  If someone still had any doubt, such skepticism will easily be overcome by the list of top online platforms from the US, Europe and Asia invited by the European Commission for a closed-door meeting on 9th January to discuss tackling of illegal content online. 互联网是全球性的。如果还有人存疑,那么当你看到受邀参加欧盟委员会于1月9日举行的闭门会议的来自美、欧、亚洲顶级在线平台的名单时,这些疑虑将随之被打消。此次闭门会议专门针对打击网络非法内容进行了讨论。 Reflecting... [Read more...]