Join us at Startup Europe Week on 8 March

Join our event

“Hi-Tech Entrepreneurs in the Chinese Startup Scene: Empowered by Women in Tech”
on 8 March at 18:00-20:30 at BeCentral, Brussels,

to learn about some of the opportunities available for Belgian and European tech entrepreneurs in China’s dynamic startup ecosystem and network with Shenzhen, Fosun and the China-Belgium Technology Center.

ChinaEU has the pleasure to hold the event as one of the official co-organizers of Startup Europe Week 2018.
Startup Europe Week (SEW) is the largest multi-event of its kind for startups in Europe to showcase the support available to entrepreneurs on a city and regional level. This year embraces the third edition of SEW (@startupeuw), which will see over 300 events in more than 50 countries in the week of 5-9 March 2018. Join the official #SEW18 social media campaign here!

Here is the agenda of our event:

 ◆ Keynotes – 30 min
• Ms Claudia Vernotti, Co-Founder of ChinaEU
• Mr Andrey Novakov, Member of the European Parliament
• Mr Laurent Hublet, Managing Director of BE CENTRAL
• Mr Yang Xiaoguang, Counsellor of the Chinese Mission to the EU

◆ Panel session – 50 min
Existing support for foreign startups looking at China
Moderator: Claudia Vernotti, ChinaEU
§  Successful corporate-startup collaborations:
• Ms Sandra Freimuth, Member of the Executive Board of Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers, Fosun Chief Representative & General Global Communication Partner
• Ms Zhang Minrong, Director General of China-Belgium Technology Center (CBTC) at Louvain-la-Neuve
§  Shenzhen, the powerhouse of innovation & entrepreneurship in China:
• Ms Mao Xi, Representative of Shenzhen’s European Office for Trade and Investment
§  Showcase of best practices of European startups in China:
• Ms Marie Laenen, Community Manager at European Startup Network (ESN)
• Mr Frederik Tibau, Content Director at

◆ Open discussion/Q&A with the audience- 25 min

◆ Networking cocktail- 30-45 min

Registration for this event is one click away from here.
And make sure to follow us on twitter @ChinaEU_eu for further news!

Seats are limited! Startups/scale-ups and young entrepreneurs enjoy first priority!

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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