ChinaEU meets with China Institute for Reform and Development 中欧数字协会主席鲁乙己会见中改院院长迟福林

无标题(3)Luigi Gambardella, President of ChinaEU and Prof. Chi Fulin, President of CIRD


On June 15, Prof. Chi Fulin, President of China Institute for Reform and Development (CIRD), and Luigi Gambardella, Founder and President of ChinaEU, exchanged opinions on China-EU economic cooperation in Brussels.


Luigi Gambardella, together with Claudia Vernotti, Co-founder and Director of ChinaEU, introduced the organization’s mission and its efforts in promoting China-EU digital dialogue, emphasizing that huge potential for enhanced digital cooperation can be untapped through joint research and concrete projects.


Prof. Chi acknowledged the crucial role ChinaEU has played in fostering a strong China-EU digital partnership throughout last year, saying that CIRD fully supports ChinaEU’s initiatives and is willing to work hand-in hand with it to further progress the cooperation between China and EU on digital matters. Prof. Chi also gave some useful advice and recommendations to ChinaEU on how to win even greater support.


Established in 1991, CIRD is the most influential Chinese non-governmental think tank focusing on reform and development policy research. Many of CIRD’s policy recommendations and research reports have been endorsed by the Chinese government and used as reference for drafting government documents.


As CIRD’s chief research fellow, Prof. Chi is one of the most respected consultants for top Chinese decision makers. Notably, he has also acted as advisor to the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), for the draft of China’s 13th Five-Year Plan.


Despite the engagement and crucial impact on China’s internal matters, CIRD also spares no effort in strengthening China-EU economic relations. Prof. Chi and his delegation visit the EU capital regularly.


This time, they came with their latest research on China-EU Free Trade Agreement (FTA), entitled “China-EU FTA — A decisive option for deepening China-EU cooperation by 2020”, and presented the study together with CEPS, a Brussels-based influential think tank, calling for the urgency and necessity to reach such agreement.

这次他们带着关于中欧自贸区的最新研究成果《中欧自贸区—2020:深化中欧合作的重大选项》来到布鲁塞尔, 与欧洲知名智库欧洲政策研究中心(CEPS)联合举办研讨会,介绍了中欧双方尽快就建立中欧自贸区达成共识的必要性和紧迫性,并号召欧盟加快与中国自贸协定谈判的进程。

CIRD’s research outcome shows that Chinese and European economies would benefit enormously from a free trade agreement if the two parties act timely and properly.


Prof. Chi suggested that the Chinese and the EU leaders should take the occasion of the coming EU-China Summit in mid July to discuss a feasible timetable and maybe consider year 2020 as a deadline to conclude talks on FTA.


ChinaEU shares the same vision as CIRD that two open markets will do more good than harm, for political mutual trust, for business cooperation, for increasing investment, and also for beneficial and efficient research.


Further cooperation opportunities between ChinaEU and CIRD will be discussed during the next bilateral meeting at margin of the EU-China Forum and Roundtable, to be held in Hainan, China, on July 18-19.


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