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How digital tools can boost EU-China tourism – a discussion with the CEO of Ctrip at the European Parliament in preparation of 2018 EU-China Tourism Year. 数字工具如何推动中欧旅游发展-与携程CEO在欧洲议会为筹备2018中欧旅游年展开讨论

At the occasion of the 19th EU-China Bilateral Summit, ChinaEU organized a seminar with key members of the European Parliament in preparation of the EU-China Tourism Year that will be held in 2018. Guest speakers were Jane Jie Sun, CEO of China’s leading online travel agent Ctrip, and Matthew... [Read more...]

Belt and Road Forum a dreamed venue to discuss digital silk road: European expert 专家视角:“一带一路”国际合作高峰论坛,共商数字丝路的理想之所

By Xiang Bo (Xinhua) BRUSSELS, May 2 (Xinhua) — The Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation to be held from May 14 to 15 in Beijing, could be a dream venue for discussing digital silk road featuring 5G communications, a European digital expert told Xinhua. 新华社布鲁塞尔5月2日电... [Read more...]

ChinaEU to promote Wechat for European companies. Tourism will be a key priority. 中欧数字协会将向欧洲公司推广微信业务,并将旅游业作为其优先发展领域。

ChinaEU has concluded an agreement with the key European partner of Wechat in order to promote the presence of European companies on the main Chinese social media. 中欧数字协会与微信的欧方重要合作伙伴达成协议,将促进欧洲企业在这一中国主要社交媒体上的推广。 The... [Read more...]